Online Throttling & Site-Blocking to be Outlawed in Europe

Under new rules soon to be enforced across Europe, ISPs can’t block or throttle customers access to services that rival their own. The new Net Neutrality plan should ensure a fairer experience for customers across the continent.

Plans to mandate net neutrality now being put forward by the EC’s digital chief, Commission vice president Neelie Kroes, would prevent anti-competitive blocking of rival services.

Currently only the Netherlands and Slovenia have net neutrality guarantees but Kroes said she wants similar rights for the rest of Europe. [zdnet]

This doesn’t mean that illegal content such as The Pirate Bay will suddenly be legal. It refers to sabotaging other companies services. An example of this would be Virgin Media slowing or entirely blocking access to LoveFilm as they want customers to use their service. This is just an example, but similar instances are all too common at the moment. Any move to take away ISP’s rights to terrorising customers has to be good!

24 thoughts on “Online Throttling & Site-Blocking to be Outlawed in Europe

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