Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Can Still Exist

There were undoubtedly many people worried that there wasn’t going to be another game added to one of their favourite franchises, Battlefield: Bad Company, and with no word of it around this year’s E3, who could blame them?

However, DICE executive producer, Patrick Bach, has said that Bad Company hasn’t gone at all:

“The Bad Company series is by no means killed or anything, it’s still out there.”

Bad Company has been absent for a fair while now, and it is no wonder with the amount of work DICE has going on, including the incredibly long awaited return of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise (which I literally cannot wait for), and the comeback of Mirror’s Edge.  Then of course there is the very impressive Battlefield 4 which we saw at E3 and is being released worldwide towards the end of October later on in the year.

Bach also spoke of how the studio have added some elements of the Bad Company games into Battlefield 4, including the destructible environments.

“We merged the Battlefield main game with Bad Company and we’ll continue to do it. I won’t say we’ll never build another Bad Company game again, but right now we’re focusing on Battlefield 4.”

It is obvious with all this work going on that, while we could well see another Bad Company title in the future, it is a long way off from now.  In the mean time we have Battlefield 4 to look forward to, and hopefully some more news on Star Wars: Battlefront. [PCGamer]