Ubuntu’s Axing Wubi in Next Release

The helpful tool that enables instant Ubuntu fun from a Windows machine is going to be removed from the next version of Canonical’s epic operating system. Wubi enables Windows users to simply download an installer and create a bootable Ubuntu install, (or any other Linux distro) without damaging Windows or fiddling with drive partitions.

The software is mostly used by novice users who want to dip their toes into the vast and glorious expanse that is Linux, without the hassle and risks of a standard installation. I remember using Wubi when it was first available on 8.04’s boot disk – those were the days… Without Unity.

In a message to the Ubuntu Devel Mailing list, Canonical’s Steve Langasek states that the Ubuntu Foundations team ‘…does not expect Wubi to be in a releasable state for 13.04.’

Adding that the tool ‘…is not currently in very good shape for a release.’ [omgubuntu]

Without Wubi I would’ve likely never installed Ubuntu, or at least waited until my computing competence reached a level where I was happy playing with GRUB settings. It might not mean much to hardened veterans, but the loss of this simple software could impact highly on Ubuntu’s uptake with inexperienced users…