MōVI – The Camera Stabilizer That Will Change Cinematography Forever

Stabilising video cameras is very challenging, the current systems are large, expensive and require trained technicians to operate – MōVI changes everything. This ingenious system only requires two operators, one to hold the camera and one to control it.

MōVI is created by Freefly, the makers of some of the best drone camera rigs available. To demonstrate the immense versatility this system can provide, filmmaker Vincent LaForet has been using it to create a short film, including some behind the scenes videos.

The system uses a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized mount and other trickery (not currently documented) to get such stable footage. The man (or lady) carrying the rig doesn’t need to worry about tripping over or bumping into anything as they can concentrate solely on their movement without thinking about the camera. The second operator controls the framing and other camera controls from a remote location using a handheld monitor. Neat.

Getting smooth shots is one of the hardest aspects of filmmaking, normally requiring highly expensive equipment that only Hollywood and a TV studios can afford, a prime example is Steadicam. The mid-range MōVI will go on sale for a measly $15,000. That may sound like a lot but considering the quality of footage obtainable and the extreme costs of current systems, it isn’t too bad.

Luckily a cheaper DSLR version will be available in the near future, costing a mere $7500. It’s worth remembering that this is intended as ‘pro’ gear and not something you’d consider buying to get better holiday videos, at least not unless you’re loaded.

Check out the video below showing how versatile this system is. Roller skating alongside a moving taxi and then entering the back of the cab to film its inhabitants isn’t something that’s ever been possible before. [vincentlaforet]

39 thoughts on “MōVI – The Camera Stabilizer That Will Change Cinematography Forever

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