Anonymous Hackers Take Control of NK Twitter & Flickr Accounts

Twitter and Flickr accounts associated with North Korea have been hacked and subsequently defaced by Anonymous. Highly anti-North Korean images have been uploaded to Flickr, one of which depicts Kim Jong-un as a pig, on a wanted poster.

Both of the hacked accounts belong the same site that received a little love from Anonymous yesterday. The news and propaganda website represents North Korea on the global internet, it isn’t hosted from NK but from China instead.

The Twitter account, uriminzokkiri, now features the classic Tango Down tweet and other Anonymous messages. The account profile picture’s been changed to two tango dancers wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

The Flickr account now shares many pro-Anonymous and highly anti-North Korea pictures. The cream of the crop shows Kim Jong-un on a wanted poster with pig ears and mickey mouse on his chest, see below…


At the moment both of the accounts appear to still remain in Anonymous hacker’s control. One thing to remember is that most North Korean citizens won’t be able to laugh at these hacks as they don’t have internet access, oh well. [thenextweb]

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