What I Would Like From Battlefield 4

As I mentioned in an earlier article, DICE will be revealing the first real Battlefield 4 trailer next week. Battlefield 3 was a brilliant game (anything beats CoD, right?) but there are still things that I would love to see from the next game in the series. Things like…

More Air Combat!

Air Superiority was possibly my favourite game mode back when I played Battlefield 1943. It still used the usual ticket system that the other game modes used, but for me it always felt more exciting. BF3 featured more tank combat than plane combat. The ‘Armored Kill’ expansion pack brought on some vehicle focused maps for the multiplayer, but this was still more focused on tanks rather than their flying counterparts.

You still got aircraft in BF3, but nothing really like this. Bringing back Air Superiority could really work well because it would mean that aircraft have a bigger role in the game than just flying around shooting at things.


Bigger, Better Battles!

This is a bit of an obvious one, but is still more than relevant. BF4 should really take it all the way, more players and bigger maps all the way! We’ve already seen some pretty massive maps in BF3, like the Caspian Border for example, but it is only right that the next game makes an even bigger step.

This sort of links to my previous thing that I would like to see. You could have a game of large conquest with a separate game of Air Superiority going on in the sky above. I am not saying that I want to see Battlefield go to the point of having thousands of players at once, but it should definitely go bigger than it currently is.

For The Game To Go Further!

When I say this, what I mean is that I do not want to see a Battlefield game released every year or two years. This would put it on the same level as Call of Duty, which is a horrible thought. If Medal of Honor was to try to compete with CoD then that’s fine, but Battlefield is something more special. It has more of a history and reputation to live up to.

It is far better if they stick to the plan of putting a lot of work into their games and making a special release every three years or so.


Better Campaign!

In many ways, the single player campaign in BF3 left a lot to be desired. Gone were the huge, open-world mission of the Bad Company games, instead replaced with linear drivel. For another thing, there is barely any humor in the campaign, as the game took up a far more serious tone, which didn’t work nearly as well. The whole thing felt very Call of Duty-like (notice the interrogation sequence at the start of every mission?).

This isn’t to say that everything about the campaign was bad. The voice acting was good and it still had some great moments and set-pieces. For example, the mission where you can control the guns on the fighter jet is brilliant in my opinion. Unfortunately though, the campaign still suffered from the points I made above and the bland story that came with it.

The next game in the series could do well to return to the open world missions where the player has more options with how he/her completes their objectives and to include a more interesting story line.


Well, those are the things that I want to see. Do you have anything to share, or maybe you disagree with what I said? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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