Space Glider: Sending an RC Glider to the Edge of Space

Using an old weather balloon to send a radio controlled glider to the edge of space and then gliding it back down to earth is one of the coolest projects I’ve seen recently. What’s more, the creator of this interesting project also filmed the entire journey in 1080p using a GoPro strapped to the fuselage.

A video stream was also being sent back to a receiver so that pilot and creator David, could fly the glider safely back. Sadly this didn’t quite work out. There were some reception issues due to antenna damage, the mission should still be classed as a success – the craft successfully got back to earth in on piece. Enjoy the gorgeous video, stick the quality up to HD and marvel at the beautiful scenery. For full details on the project, including all the hardware used, head over to rcexplorer.

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