Skyrim Bionicle Mod: Legend Of The Toa

When I was younger, I loved the Lego Bionicles and part of me still does. I loved most things about them, from how they looked to what they were meant to represent. However, now it appears that I am not the only one, if Skyrim’s Legend of the Toa mod is anything to go by.

The mod itself is still in very early stages and a generally inexperienced Russian modding team means that things cannot be done that quickly, so any help is appreciated. So far though, a few character models have been produced, along with some weapons and the planned size of the game area. One of the things that I loved and other people loved most about the Bionicles was the universe and lore that came with them, which means that this could be a very popular mod indeed if done well.

If you would like some more information, head over to the mod DB and official page.


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