ifixit Tablet Repairability Chart Isn’t Surprising

Tablets are not the easiest things to repair, they often have screens that are glued together, have more than a million tiny screws and a battery that’s soldered to the motherboard. ifixit have compiled a chart of the bast and worst tablets to disassemble – the results aren’t very surprising.

The easiest tablet to take apart is Dell’s XPS 10, scoring an extremely respectable 9 out of 10. The worst of the bunch is Microsoft’s Surface Pro, inside it’s a mess of sticky gunk that seriously endangers delicate components when being dismantled. All of Apple’s products are also pretty disastrous, with the iPad 2 being the easiest to get into scoring a mighty 2 out of 10.

Check out the full list to see how repairable your tablet is. It’s worth remembering that tablets are not designed to be upgraded, unlike PCs – although it would still be nice if you could replace the screen or a faulty battery yourself, without sending the device away. We can dream. [ifixit]