IBM Transistor Modification could Maintain Moore’s Law

IBM has come up with a modification to the current transistor design that will allow Moore’s law to continue to flourish. Currently computing power is reaching its maximum potential due to leakage and thermal issues.

The transistor is the basis for every electronic device. It’s the basic building block that makes up processors, converters and memory. Without the transistor, computing and modern technology simply wouldn’t exist.

IBM’s new idea changes the way a transistor fundamentally works, by applying a coating the component can read ionic signals rather than electronic ones. This should dramatically reduce issues with heat dissipation and cross-talk or noise caused by a lack of physical distance between transistors.

Sadly IBM hasn’t actually built a chip using this new technique, they are however expecting to have created a device within the next five years. It’s believed that the new and improved transistors can be made in the same way they currently are, using silicone wafers.

Finally some innovation in an area that hasn’t seen any for a long time. Thank goodness IBM actually invests in everyone’s future. [gigaom] [image: deviantart]

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