Google Miss Marketing Opportunity by Stopping ‘ungoogleable’ Becoming a Word

Silly Google. The Language Council of Sweden has abandoned the word ‘ungoogleable’ from its list of new words after Google pressed for a different meaning to the one outlined.

According to Sveriges Radio, Google wanted the meaning of the term ogooglebar — which describes something “that you can’t find on the web with the use of a search engine” — to be altered so that it would only describe searches performed using Google’s own search, something that the Language Council was not willing to do. [theverge]

This is a stupid mistake in my opinion. Google should seize every opportunity at getting their company name embedded in any language, it’s free publicity after all. Using a company name to describe a generic phrase for something on the internet is priceless. When did you last hear someone say “Bing it”? [image: flickr]

546 thoughts on “Google Miss Marketing Opportunity by Stopping ‘ungoogleable’ Becoming a Word

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