A Genius Accountant has Created a Spreadsheet RPG & It’s Bloody Brilliant

The history of Excel just got considerably more interesting. A Canadian accountant has successfully create a role playing game using just Microsoft’s spreadsheet program. Arena.Xlsm is genuinely great fun, I haven’t stopped playing it all morning…

In the screenshot below you can see the map on the left and your character’s and enemy’s health stats on the right. Using the arrow buttons you can move your character around and attack enemies with either a melee or ranged weapon. You pick up more interesting weapons as you kill other creatures. The game also features a levelling system that includes the use of spells once you have reached level 10.


I’ve tested it with Excel 2010, so if you have another version, not all the features of the game may work. If you have Excel installed then I recommend downloading a copy of the game here for your entertainment. Why has a spreadsheet ninja never done this before? [thenextweb]

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