YouTube Now Features 4K Videos

Did you know that YouTube now supports resolutions above 1080p?  Well, it does!  There’s some great example videos, one of which is included below.  Clearly you won’t notice any difference in image quality unless your screen has a vertical resolution higher than 1080p.  If you’re lucky enough to have a MacBook Pro with retina display or a very high-resolution monitor then you can enjoy the eye-popping quality.

4K video is 4096×2304 pixels, a lot larger than 1080p (obviously); as such it does take a lot longer to buffer and the frame rate will suffer if your browser isn’t up-to-date.  It’s pretty clear that 4K video is here to stay, TVs boasting this feature are set to hit the main-stream market in the next few years.  How long it will be before 4K resolution is standard and seen as 240p is now is likely to be some way off.  Just enjoy the pretty colours…

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