Who Needs Burger King? 3D Printed Burgers Are Nearly Here

The epicosity level of this idea is off the charts; using a special 3D printer to create food, real food.  Andras Forgacs, Co-founder of Organovo, has spoken about the use of Bioprinting to create artificial structures for food.  A Fifth Element magic microwave could be in your house sooner than you think…

Problem: 8% of the world’s water supply and one third of the world’s non-ice landmass is used for raising livestock for meat and leather. At least 18% of the greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere are from the livestock industry.

Solution: Fundamentally change the way meat is produced by growing the meat directly instead of raising the entire animal.

Technology: 3D printing and tissue engineering now allow bioprinting: the design and fabrication of three-dimesional tissues. The meat created in this process could be carefully designed to have the same mouth feel, texture and flavor as traditional meat.

Morally this is great, the product of this process never lived, therefore it’s not meat meaning that vegetarians can consume as much as they like!  Below is the lecture from Andras Forgacs, skip to the 2:20 mark to get to some science.

483 thoughts on “Who Needs Burger King? 3D Printed Burgers Are Nearly Here

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