University of Leeds Creates Submerged Server Farm

Using a non-conductive liquid to cool computers has been proven in the past to be very efficient and offers serious benefits over air cooling. Now Leeds University is using the system to cool its servers.

Two years of testing have culminated in impressive data that shows cooling computers with 3M’s Novec Liquid uses a small amount of power and is quiet. Only 80 Watts of energy was required to cool 20KW of servers. Support equipment such as air conditioners and air purifiers are also not needed, reducing the cost of running a server farm.

According to Jon Summers from the Universities Mechanical Engineering department, the liquid is more that 1000 times more efficient at carrying heat than air. Another researcher, Nikil Kapur points out that the technique could be used to cool systems in extreme environments and allows silent operation making it perfect for classroom use. [theinquirer]

45 thoughts on “University of Leeds Creates Submerged Server Farm

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