Ultimate LEGO Shop: The Brick Stop

Yet again a Kickstarter project looks really exciting, it offers something that should have been in this world a long time ago.  The Brick Stop is a trading website for new and used Lego as well as original creations and plans.  Websites already exist that offer some of these features, including Bricklink and Ebay, although all alternatives charge for using them and, in the case of Bircklink are almost impossible to use…

The site will be free to use, presumably they will use advertising to generate revenue?  This idea is a great one, backing for the project is already well on its way, why not pledge more than £11, you can reserve your username for the site and get an “exclusive PDF model guide to make your very own working Lego G36 Assault Rifle” – nice! [thebrickstop via kickstarter]

489 thoughts on “Ultimate LEGO Shop: The Brick Stop

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