The Smallest ARM Processor Ever is Designed to Inhabit You

Moore’s law isn’t really viable any more in the personal computing world as there’s only so much people can use desktops and laptops for. One area that will continue to see innovative products flourish is at the microcontroller end of the scale.

Freescale Semiconductor have created the world’s smallest ARM microcontroller, it’s only 1.9 by 2 millimeters. The idea being that it could easily be implanted in your body to help monitor heart rate and vital signs.

The affectionately known KL02, includes 32KB of flash memory, 4KB of RAM and a 32 bit processor, along with a 12 bit analogue to digital converter and a UART. All this inside such a tiny package – truly incredible.

Uses for such a system, especially in biology, are vast. It could be used to monitor climates, if paired with a micro solar panel and transmitter – millions of the tiny devices could be dispersed by aircraft over an entire nation, providing accurate data on weather conditions. What other uses can you think of for such a unique and versatile device? Let us know in the comments below. [wired]

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