The PlayStation 4 is Here

Last night Sony held a sizeable press conference; sadly the Jhack staff couldn’t attend but thanks to the magic of social media and the omnipresent internet you can now get the low-down.

The PlayStation 4 is powered by an x86 processor with eight cores, an enhanced GPU and 8GB of GDDR5 memory. It will also ship with Sony’s new DualShock 4 controllers, which are similar to the current-generation controllers with the addition of a touchpad, a stereo camera for 3D position tracking and a share button that allows users to stream live gaming to their friends consoles.

What a lovely ring...

What a lovely ring…

Rather annoyingly, the PS4 won’t support PS3 games. Bummer. What’s also unclear, as the actual console wasn’t shown, is whether it features an optical drive.  If it doesn’t then you will have to download all content from the PlayStation Network.  Hopefully this isn’t going to be the case; if it is, say goodbye to sharing games with your friends and buying used ones.

Part of the event was taken up showing off what the console is capable of, this included a demo by Quantic Dream showing off realtime facial detail. Now it clearly looks really nice but it’s just a single head, one that any decent PC could render easily.

What's he looking at?

What’s he looking at?

Here’s where my problem is. The demo’s shown looked nice, but they’re nothing amazing.  Most new computers feature 8GB of RAM now, basically the PS4 is just a PC.  Maybe I’m just a little pessimistic when it comes to consoles, after-all, the memory is GDDR5 – it’s no slouch.  However the experience offered by Sony doesn’t tempt me away from the joys of PC hardware, Steam and indie games. A closed eco-system isn’t for everyone.

Are you interested in the new PlayStation? Or will you be staying put with your current hardware? [sony]

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