The Humble Bundle is Back & It’s Another Charity Mojam

If you’ve never heard of The Humble Bundle then you’ve missed out on a lot!  It’s basically a collection of games, in this case being created LIVE during a 78 hour marathon, that you can pay anything for. The money goes towards very worthwhile charities, Block by Block and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Mojang and friends are back to game jam the night away — live! Indie studios Mojang, Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer, and Wolfire Games are all going to spend the next 78 hours crafting games (check out the themes for their games here)! You’ll also be able to watch Mojang, Vlambeer, Pleteplet (more Vlambeer!), Grapefrukt, and Wolfire as they work through their livestreams!

Pay-what-you-want for the games any time during the jam. Use the form below to support vital charities while getting access to the games-in-progress! If you pay over the average, you’ll get entry into exclusive raffles!

All proceeds go to charity! You can support two amazing and vital non-profit organizations: The Electronic Frontier Foundation and — for the first time in a Humble Bundle — Block by Block, a wonderful collaboration between Mojang and UN Habitat to bring youth into the urban planning process for better cities. [humblebundle]

Helping great charities and getting some awesome games whilst simultaneously watching the creative process unfold, it’s a hard life… [humblebundle]