Nvidia Unleash their TITAN

The name says it all!   This thing is an absolute beast.  But how much of a beast is it?  We’ll find out this Thursday on the 21st when the benchmarks are released.  Should be interesting, read on for more…

The Titan, also knows as the “Big Kepler” has twice as many transistors and double the CUDA score of the chip in the current Nvidia flagship card, the GeForce GTX 680.  The Titan sports a GK110 which has been in use for over a year.  They have been used in cards such as the Tesla K20X GPUs which are used in the Titan supercomputer.

The card will feature 6GB of GDDR5 memory running and a core clock speed of 836MHz and is also a reasonable length of  10.5″ and should cost around £900.  It’s also important to note that all Titans will look like the one below and above.


Bow down…

More impressive than the card’s actual specs is it’s ability to run almost silently, thanks to a new Nvidia technology known as GPU Boost 2.0.  More interesting is the fact that the user can now limit the temperature that the card reaches which means that it has to throttle itself though the clock and fan speeds as well as core voltage to keep at that temperature.

Possibly the coolest feature of the card is the way that the text on the side of the card lights up!  The logo can be modified and controlled through software.  Nvidia has said that it will be able to perform a number of cool stunts, including changing the colour of the logo to match the temperature of the card.

People could ask themselves why Nvidia would release this card when they already have a significant lead over AMD in the single GPU market.  Maybe they just want to make sure they have a more definite advantage over their rivals?

Also, make sure you check back here soon for the benchmark results!

Have a look at the announcement video below:


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