Next-Gen Video Compression H.265 Looks Great

Video compression is an important part of modern computing, internet videos wouldn’t exist in today’s capacity without a method to reduce physical size. Maximising the efficiency of standards is important as video resolution increases and more users view content through mobile devices. The new kid on the block is H.265 an upgraded version of the widely used H.264.

The system called HEVC was approved by ITU and ISO on January 25. Here, you can see how good the picture quality is. On the left is the video format called H.264 AVC, which is currently the norm. On the right is the new HEVC. You can see the difference in picture quality achieved with the same data volume. Compared with the previous system, HEVC gives a considerably better picture.

H.265 doubles the data compression compared to H.264. Through the same medium the image quality is clearly higher in the below video. Like H.264, it’s probable the standard will be licensed, this isn’t all bad news for us end users, look at the current version, it’s used everywhere.