New Iranian Jet: Qaher-313

Looking like something out of Ace Combat, this new bomber is designed and made entirely in Iran.  There’s some speculation that it could simply be another fake and a publicity stunt by the Iranian military but the fact that it was shown to the Iranian President makes that unlikely.

The Iranian Defense Ministry has announced that the country unveiled a new advanced fighter aircraft. IRIBNEWS reported.

The domestically-designed and developed fighter jet, codenamed Qaher-313 (Winner-313), was put on display on Saturday on the occasion of the Ten-Day Dawn celebrations commemorating the victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a number of high-ranking military officials attended the unveiling ceremony.

Iranian Defence Miniter Ahmad Vahidi said that Qaher-313 is advanced fighter jet.

The fighter jet is said to be similar to the US-built F/A-18, although its appearance looks similar to F-5E/F Tiger II.

According to him, new single-seat bomber will have the ability to track down enemy aircraft, engage in combat, target locations on the ground, and carry a payload of assorted weapons and ammunition. [trend]

The wing design in particular is quite unusual, also the use of jagged edges on the landing-gear doors implies that an element of stealth has been incorporated.  Well, it no-doubt cost far less than the F-35, but is it any good?

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