Expand Your Mind: Jerry’s Map

It’s pretty rare to randomly find something on the internet that really blows your mind.  Videos about mall security-guards and NASA’s latest endeavour are all very interesting but not truly incredible.  Here’s something that I find amazing, Jerry Gretzinger is an artist who’s created his own world.  He uses paint and fine pens to created a huge map that includes cities and farmland as well as oceans and the void.

It’s not simply art to look at but thought-provoking in that Jerry uses a deck of cards to decide the future of his map.  Every square can be updated to include more modern facilities for the area or possibly become part of the void.  This is the really beautiful part of his artwork, the void is simply white space.  It symbolises another dimension that entire towns can be sucked into.  He predicts that eventually the whole map will be swallowed up.  To protect the largest settlements he has created void-proof walls that hold back the growing cancer.  Enjoy the mini-documentary explaining Mr Gretzinger’s micro-world and check out his blog for the latest news.

238 thoughts on “Expand Your Mind: Jerry’s Map

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