Black Hornet: Super Expensive Nano Drone

The Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle is a tiny remote-controlled helicopter that stops troops getting their faces blown off by the Taliban.  It enables commanding officers to spy on what’s around the next corner, potentially saving lives.

The Black Hornet was developed by Prox Dynamics AS of Norway as part of a £20M contract for 160 units with Marlborough Communications Ltd (MCL), Surrey.  That means that each drone along with the accompanying case and control equipment costs a measly £125,000.  What a bargain!  To be fair, this will include the research and development costs, the technology is pretty cutting-edge after all.  The nano UAV includes a camera that provides a live video stream to the operator and can also take still images for later inspection.  Check out the video showing the micro-machine in action.

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