Arma 3 to be Exclusive to Steam

Arma III has now been confirmed as a Steam exclusive by the game’s creators, Bohemia Interactive.  There is of course reason for this decision, because according to the game’s project leader, Joris-Jan van’t Land, Steam is needed if they want to release the game in 2013.

“Some of you will remember the huge amount of different distributed versions for Arma 2, and all of the problems associated with it,” he writes. “We needed to spend far too much time on creating and testing all the master copies. Every patch had to be tested for every conceivable combination of distribution, patch and DLC. This drained so many of our resources, that we could not support the game itself as much as we’d have liked. By targeting Steam as our primary distribution, we can take those resources and put them to much better use: making the most splendid game possible.”

He also brought up Steam’s ready-made developer tools and the way that piracy has affected the game.

“Think of it what you want, but piracy is affecting us as a business.”

Bohemia have also been said to be working on building upon the DRM solutions of Steam.

“Think of it what you want, but piracy is affecting us as a business.” He claims that Bohemia are working on expanding Steam’s DRM solutions, announcing, “It will be possible to run Steam in Offline mode, and still play the game (with the exception of online services obviously, including multiplayer itself).”  [PCGamer]