Arduino Powered Chess

Playing chess with your friend on the other side of the planet is nothing new; thanks to the internet, this task is carried out by many, many people daily.  There is though something impersonal and ‘cold’ about playing chess on-screen.  Using a physical board and feeling the pieces as you decide how best to destroy your opponent is very human and now thanks to an interesting hack using an arduino and printer parts you can do both.

The project uses the metal rails from printers to move a dolly containing a magnet.  This magnet is capable of moving pieces on the top of the chess board.  Software then maps the position and sends it to an identical board that your nemesis is using.  The position of the pieces moved by a human player are detected using some kind of RFID system although this isn’t clear from the videos.  Details on this project are thin at the moment, the below videos show the systems used and demonstrate it working.  It’s a great idea and a very good use for a couple of arduinos, my only issue is the size of the board, it’s a little large…

[image: deviantart]

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