What Makes The Xbox 360 So Popular In The US?

In the US, the 360’s sales figures are nothing short of staggering, with it being able to lead all the other consoles along for a whole 2 years.  The console even managed to outsell the Nintendo Wii U in December, which is amazing when you realise that the new Wii had only been out for a month, while the 360 has been for sale for seven years.

There’s quite a few reasons as to why the 360 has prospered and why the other consoles haven’t always fared as well.

Maybe the problem with Nintendo is that they try to target a very casual audience, while Microsoft’s audience has always been more hardcore, and a loyal following it is.  This has given the 360 a core market that they can rely on.  Microsoft have never really cared for the casual crowd and they have no need to either.  This isn’t to say that the bigger, hardcore crowd haven’t tried the casual delights of the Wii and Wii U, it’s just never really stuck.

Now to move on to the PlayStation.  While the PS3 has bigger worldwide sales, the Xbox has always remained as the crowd pleaser in the U.S.  It’s likely that the PS3 would have coped better with the competition if the PlayStation Network had caught on faster.  Of course none of this was helped by the PSN hacking scandal, which made a fair few people a bit shy of the online service.

One could also argue that the 360 has the greatest catalogue of games, especially with great exclusives like Halo and the Forza series.  However you look at it, there’s got to be a certain winning formula in the mix.  What are your thoughts on the matter? [SlashGear]