Want to be happy? Avoid Facebook

Researchers from Germany have found that browsing Facebook may cause you to be envious of other people.  The report “Envy on Facebook: A Hidden Threat to Users Life Satisfaction” surveyed 600 people in Germany.  The survey concluded that one in three people felt worse and more dissatisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook and reading posts about their friends lives.  Researches found that holiday photos were the biggest cause of resentment with more than half of the incidents on the site triggered by holiday pictures.

Social interaction was the second most common cause of envy as users could compare how many birthday greetings they received to those of their Facebook friends and how many “likes” or comments were made on photos and postings. [Reuters]

Feelings of jealously lead to people posting and boasting about their achievements, people are pretty much trying to make themselves look better on Facebook.

Men were shown to post more self-promotional content on Facebook to let people know about their accomplishments while women stressed their good looks and social lives. [Reuters]

“Passive following triggers invidious emotions, with users mainly envying happiness of others, the way others spend their vacations and socialize,” the researchers said in the report “Envy on Facebook: A Hidden Threat to Users’ Life Satisfaction?” released on Tuesday.

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