Top 5: Electrical Engineering Channels on YouTube

What’s better than watching someone tear apart an old gadget to study the inner workings?  Nothing you say?  Correct!  So here’s jHack’s top 5 best channels to keep an eye on if you love electronics.

All of the channels mentioned include thoughtful disassembly with insightful descriptions about what is actually happening at the component level.  This is great if you’re studying a subject such as electrical engineering or computer science, or if you just love to know what’s inside everything


5 Ed Systems

The ramblings of Ed [Aussie50] include some great tear-downs and other destructive fun including playing with microwaves…  His channel is updated regularly with interesting finds from the scrap yard and other intriguing features.  He loves to destroy engines in his back-yard, but who doesn’t?


4 The Geek Group

The Geek Group is an awesome channel that includes videos of insightful disassemblies, evaluating how things actually work is top of the agenda.  It’s not just electrical items that have their screws removed, they even took apart an entire fork-lift truck…  Other videos include wood turning and CNC operation, a great recourse for all hackers.


3 Todd Harison

This chap is a seriously interesting guy.  His YouTube channel includes loads of videos about the theory of electronics and hacks and tricks including high-voltage fun.  Projects attempted by Todd are also really interesting, they include a spokePOV system and the accompanying theory.  Neat.


2 Mike’s Electric Stuff

Choosing between the top two spots was really hard.  I have seen literally all of Mike’s videos and can safely say that he is an electronics wizard.  The above image shows Mike crawling out of his own baggage x-ray machine, yes you did read that correctly.  Some of the tear-downs are particularly awesome including an aircraft’s ‘black box’ and various defibrillators.  All interesting stuff that you and I are not likely to get our hands on.  Mike presents all of his videos in an engaging and informative manner that’s frankly addictive.


1 Electronics Engineering Video Blog (EEV Blog)

Dave Jones is a charismatic Australian who happens to be an electronics genius.  Dave’s channel has some great videos of tear-downs including a photocopier and every piece of lab equipment under the sun.  His motto, ‘Don’t turn it on.  Take it apart’ is a life lesson that everyone should embrace.  The quality and number of Dave’s videos means that he just beat Mike to the number one spot.  If you know nothing about electronics then the EEV Blog will still be very interesting thanks to Dave’s ‘down to earth’ approach and Dave CAD, an example of which can been seen above.

So, there you go.  Now you have no excuse for not finding the very best electrical engineering videos on YouTube.  If you know of any others then post in the comments!

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