Reeddit: The Beautiful, Read-Only Reddit Web-App

If you regularly visit Reddit (more than 9 million viewers a day indulge in the front page of the internet) then you’ll love this new and simplified way of viewing content.  Reddit’s interface is functional but a little old-fashioned, Reeddit brings you the awesome content you know and love with a pretty and very functional interface.

Reeddit allows easy browsing of sub-Reddits in one clean interface that displays comments next to posts, multiple sub-Reddits can be combined into a super-feed and the layout is elastic meaning that it works brilliantly on tablets and other mobile devices.  The one issue is that you can’t comment or up/down vote posts, this is all in the design according to the author although there is mention that this could be added in the future.  If you’ve never been on Reddit before then why not start by using Reeddit, if you area a seasoned user then try it out.  Let us know what you think in the comments. [reeddit]