PS4: The End Of The DualShock Design

It has been reported that when the PS4 is released, it will see the end of the famous DualShock design we’ve all grown to get used to.

A game studio source that has been working on a new Sony game have already said that the controller for the new console has undergone several changes since the previous model.  However,  very few of these changes include the well-known DualShock design.

Over the course of the new console’s development, there have been many possible controllers which include anything from biometric sensors to LCD screens.

Another separate source have stated that PlayStation engineers have tried to emulate the workings of the PS Vita for the new console’s controller.  This likely points to touch-screen possibilities and more interesting ways to interact with the game.

Either way, we don’t have long to wait to find out what the new console will include, as the new PlayStation, which is codenamed “Orbis”, is going to be released in a mere matter of weeks. [ComputerAndVideoGames]

342 thoughts on “PS4: The End Of The DualShock Design

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