Planet Four: Help discover Life on Mars

Alright so the title’s a little sensational but you can still help discover some awesome stuff.  Plant Four is a project that allows you to study images of Mars that haven’t been reviewed yet.  All you have to do is pick out details such as blotches and fans as well as features that you think look interesting.

All of the data created by you is then collated to discover patterns of winds and features across entire regions.  Anything marked as a ‘interesting feature’ will be reviewed and studied.  The images are from a small area of the southern pole of the red planet.  This is an example of crowd sourcing being used for an excellent cause.  It would be impossible for a computer to analyse these images as accurately as us, it would also take a dedicated team many, many years to evaluate all of them.  Another great use for the internet.  Why not have a go?  You never know, you might discover a Martian colony. [planetfour]

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