Next-Gen Consoles Unveiled Early On Reddit Thread

A developer who has apparently worked on both of the next-gen consoles has chosen to remain anonymous after reveling tonnes of vital information on the two systems that are so very nearly here.

The CPU and GPU

Because he is under NDA, the anonymous developer couldn’t give away anything too detailed.  What he did state however, is that the CPUs in both systems are going to be very green and power friendly.  They’ll also have the advantage of having more cores meaning that the systems are able to shut off the cores that they are not using.

In terms of graphical power, the new systems are said to have the equivalent of an AMD HD 7850.  This is a major upgrade on the current generation of consoles and allows for some impressive performance and visuals.  A GPU of this level is able to run a game such as Battlefield 3 at full 1080p HD and still keep to a good 60fps.

It has also been said that Sony are investing a lot more money in there consoles graphical capabilities than Microsoft are.

Hardware Strategies

Naturally, both consoles are taking different strategies as far as the hardware is concerned.  It has been rumored that while the PS4 will have less RAM than the new Xbox, it will also be faster.

Whatever the hardware differences, both systems will release at the same starting price, which will in turn make them more competitive.


Both of the new systems are meant to share a very similar architecture which will make cross plat-forming a lot easier.

If it turns out that both are running AMD processors then developers will have a firm grip on all three of the platforms.

All we have left now is to wait, with the PS4 being revealed in the next few weeks and the new Xbox no later than E3 2013.  Time will tell whether this is genuine information or not, but personally,  I’m a little sceptical.

One thing’s for sure: they’re both a lot more powerful than the Wii U…

…and here is the THREAD so you can judge for yourself.

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