Join in with Zooniverse

Launched in 2009, the website Zooniverse has been a huge success.  From the first project of Galaxy Zoo, to the latest Snapshot Serengeti, thousands of amateur scientists have helped professionals discover more about the universe we live in.

Each project is based around pictures taken of information that is simple enough for the public to translate into data.  The range of projects available means that these images could have come from a telescope or a simple camera strapped to a tree.  The website is easy to use and any discoveries found by the public will be written up in reports and published with all the volunteers accredited for their work.

There are a variety of projects available for the keen internet user to help with.  Whether it’s the surface of Mars or the sea floor that interests you, there’s always a fun and rewarding project to be found.  With a significant boost in numbers after the BBC programme Star Gazing Live advertised Planet Four, the website has finally gained the recognition it deserves.
So, if you’re looking for something worthwhile to pass the time, head over to Zooniverse and give scientists a helping hand with their work! [wikipedia]

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