Metro: Last Light Possible Release Date and Pre-Order Bonuses

THQ have announced that any pre-ordered copies of Last Light are gonna be a special “Limited Edition”.  Of course, this edition will include a few goodies to make it worthwhile for a pre-order.

The Limited Edition is set to come with a AKS-74U modified rifle, “Ranger Road Out”, which allows players to spend points on upgrading their different weapons and gear, and Ranger Mode (an incredibly difficult mode to play the game in).

Another note is that anyone who pre-order the PS3 version from PSN after December 18th will receive a copy of Kaos Studio’s Homefront along with their own PSN theme.

A possible release date for the game was discovered on GameStop, which shows that the game could be released on March 31st 2013.  Of courser this isn’t any guarantee though. [Examiner]