GTA 5 Size and Fear of Piracy

Some more details have just arrived concerning the much-anticipated GTAV.  Undoubtedly, the size of this game will far surpass that of the previous installment, GTAIV, which was approx 10 – 15 GB.

This means that some people are thinking that the game could be around 60 GB.  This is hardly a surprise considering that earlier Rockstar games such as L.A Noire originally came on 6 discs and “a lot of effort” was needed to cram it down to 3.

GTAV is still set to smash box-office records, but it seems there are a lot of potential issues surrounding a PC release.  The question is, will it ever be released on PC at all?  You would think that a petition that has collected upwards of 100,000 signatures already would have helped Rockstar consider things, but so far, they still remain pretty negative on the situation.  Maybe it’s simply the fear of piracy that greatly hurt Take-Two Interactive that’s making Rockstar scared of a PC release?  Still, as of yet, nothing is official, and anything can happen.