Bizarre Natural Phenomenon in Pakistan

After the severe floods of 2010, millions of spiders and other insects found safety by migrating to trees along river banks in Pakistan.

Such a huge number of spiders spinning their webs in the trees resulted in the leaves and branches becoming entangled in complex wraps of silk web.  It was reported that standing under the trees created the nightmare situation of spiders literally raining all over the ground around the trees.  This bizarre effect of such a devastating natural disaster actually helped the locals because the spiders caught more mosquitoes than ever before and there were less of the disease-spreading insects around.  Much of the standing water took over a year to recede and in total the floods claimed nearly 2,000 lives and destroyed the livelihoods of many farmers.  This never-before seen phenomenon may seem slightly creepy but the spiders have worked hard to reduce cases of malaria in an already devastated country. [NationalGeographic]

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