APC – The Bargain Android Powered Microcomputer

If you’re looking for something to blow that Christmas money on then we might have found the thing for you.  How about a single-board computer that runs Android, can output HD video and is mountable in a PC case?  This great little device can be yours for a smidgen over £30, what a bargain!

Like Jobs and Gates, we believe the PC is one of the most remarkable tools humans have ever created. Great tools improve with time. They don’t go away.

Many common computing tasks, such as number crunching, data storage, and communications have shifted to the Internet. As a result, a very low cost computer – with access to the Internet – can be just as valuable as a much more expensive computer.

APC was born from our love of computers and our realization that the PC needs a fundamental redesign. The redesign that we offer is a computer that is more accessible, and more valuable, because you’re not paying for functions that you don’t need and won’t be using. [APC.io]

The specification is nothing to laugh at, it features a VIA 800MHz Processor, 512MB of DDR3 Memory and a HDMI and VGA output (the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have an analogue video output meaning that you can’t hook it up easily to older monitors, this however does, neat).  If you already have a Raspberry Pi then this board could be a great addition to your collection of tiny computers.  If you develop or are thinking of developing Android apps then it would make a very powerful and useful way of testing them.

Because the device is new, there’s an offer on until January 2nd, 2x (yes two) APCs for $98 (£61), delivered anywhere in the world free.  Why not treat yourself to one and give the other to a nerdy friend.  There’s great promise for this little device, running android is a stroke of genius as it’s well documented and provides all the functionality that you could want from a low-powered system.  The forum is growing rapidly meaning that help is at hand if you’re struggling   The entire project does feel very similar to the development of the Pi.  Lets hope that it’s equally successful. [APC]

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