Skyfall – A computing failure

I, like most people, feel that Skyfall was a great film.  One issue that I have, as someone who is currently studying computer science at University, is that whoever ‘designed’ the computers featured in the movie was an idiot.

The largest instance of this gross incompetence was brought to my attention during the scene where Bond is being ‘interrogated’ by Silva.  In the background is a large number of what could be interpreted as racks of ‘computers’.  Now to anyone who has ever seen a rack filled with servers, switches and other clutter, you would notice that something’s not right.  Clearly this backdrop was designed by an artist and not anyone who is familiar with enterprise computing.  The tall stacks are sparsely covered in pulsing red LEDs (no system I have ever seen includes such lighting, normally the lights would be flashing rapidly to indicate activity); cables then appear to have been draped over everything in a hap-hazard manner.  Now clearly this is simply a back drop and almost all viewers of the film will not pick up on this, but is that an excuse?  In my opinion, no.

Why does Bond not have a ray gun or drive a vanishing car (as I’m sure you are aware, this was done in Die Another Day and was received with little enthusiasm), the answer is simple, because that would be stupid.  Maybe I’m being a little too picky?