shortcutFoo – a power users dream

Would you like to learn some shortcuts to increase your performance when working?  One way to learn would be to read the manuals, but who wants to do that?  A new website is here to show you how inefficient you have been before, shrotcutFoo.

The site promotes the idea of muscle memory, repeating the same task with increasing levels of difficulty so that it is imprinted on your mind.  Graphics are used to help those who find it difficult to remember things that are written.  Time tests allow you to check how much you really know.

shortcutFoo is a really useful place to learn some keyboard wizardry, from a new computer user to someone who has been around the block a few times, it is still an eye opener.

Software supported includes: Gmail, AppCode, PyCharm, Excel, Command Line, Git, Photoshop and Sublime.  Others are also available.  If you use any of these then it’s really worth a look. [shortcutFoo]