Pachter – PS4 Launch Date is set for October/November Next Year

Michael Pachter has predicted that Sony’s new console is set for a October or November release 2013, he stated to Play magazine:

I don’t think Sony wants to launch behind Microsoft again, so I’m confident we’ll see a PS4 in October or November 2013.

He also said that he believes that some developers have been working on PS4 games for a while now.  Maybe even around a year.  If this is true, then there’s a chance that Sony will get a good head start on Microsoft and their console counter-part.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the console will actually go on sale in this time. Pachter stated:

The PS3 probably has a solid three years left for sales, so it should make it comfortably to a 10-year life span.

There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable spending $250 for a console, so I think price cuts to the $199, $149 and $99 will extend the life of a console.

There is a lot of other interesting news surrounding the console, like the fact that it’s rumoured to be called ‘Orbis’, which is cool.  Other, more important news, includes rumours that the PS4 will NOT be backwards compatible, meaning anyone who wants to play their PS3 games, best hold on to their PS3.

Whichever way you look at it, rumours are arriving more frequently now and hopefully we’ll hear some more concrete news soon. [NowGamer]