Japan’s Best Light Show

A stunning exhibition of lights has been created in Nabana No Sato to entice tourists to experience a modern perspective of nature’s finest creations.

Over 5.8 million LED’s were used to create tunnels and vast meadows of vivid colours that reflect scenes from Mount Fuji to the Aurora Borealis. Although a regular tourist attraction, this year the illuminations have been attracting more publicity for their graceful imitation of some of the most dramatic natural occurrences in the world. It is perhaps the novelty of being able to witness so many wonderful places all within the grounds of a theme park that have made the illuminations such a success. There is a tunnel of leaf shaped bulbs that remind the visitors of the natural beauty that surrounds them whilst also guiding them towards the main attraction of the incredible ‘Mt. Fuji at dawn’. This display uses a variety of bright LED’s to mimic the colours of the sunset around the purple mountain. The illuminations are turned off on 31st March but the flowers of the gardens continue to bloom for the remainder of the year.