Has Apple reached the top of its game?

Apple has rapidly become the most valuable company in the world but how long can the dream last?  Looking to the past greats might not be such a bad idea.  IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems…  All of these companies have had their day and toppled from the very top.  But when will this inevitability happen to Apple?

Apple has failed in the past.  When Steve Jobs left, the company started to release sub-par products that sold poorly.  Luckily for everyone, Steve returned at the end of the 90’s and dragged the company to the dizzying heights that it maintains to this day.  With Mr Jobs deceased the company may return to its ways of old.  Only time will tell.

One thing can be said for certain, Apple will falter and it will be knocked from its thrown.  Whether that is next year or in a decade is another question.  [Guardian]