Complaints Over Wii U Visuals

The Wii U is Nintendo’s first high definition console, and there are already concerns over capability.

In 1up‘s review of the Mass Effect 3 port on the console, they stated that the game “seems a lot less visually stable” in comparison to the Xbox and PS3 versions.  The Wii U version brought on a sluggish frame rate and even worse quality in sound and animation.

Thankfully though, It’s not all bad news. 1up didn’t believe that everything was poor, saying that some clear effort and thought was put into the port, which is always a nice thing. However with games like Ninja Gaiden III having similar issues, it’s worrying. According to 1up, the Ninja Gaiden port can compete with the 360 and PS3 equivalents until “too many things start happening at once”.

The question is whether this is down to the ports or the Wii U hardware. Either way, we’ll find out eventually.  If it’s the hardware, then it makes you wonder what makes this a “next-gen” console, doesn’t it?